Editorial Policy

Story Selection

At CryptoKompas, our focus is on delivering the latest and most relevant news in the realms of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Operating as an independent news outlet, we select stories that resonate with our audience’s interests. Our editorial team exercises full discretion in deciding the newsworthiness of a story. Additionally, we feature interviews with companies that catch our interest due to their innovative or provocative nature. These interviews are conducted without sponsorship. Our editorial integrity remains intact as we do not accept payments or incentives from companies, ICOs, or any external entities for story creation.

Commitment to Accurate Sourcing

In an industry as dynamic and evolving as cryptocurrency and blockchain, the risk of misinformation is high. At CryptoKompas, journalistic integrity is paramount. We are committed to producing news articles and editorials that are based on factual and reliable sources.

Editorial Independence and Cryptocurrency Holdings

Our editorial team at CryptoKompas actively trades in cryptocurrencies, holding various long-term positions. However, these holdings do not influence our editorial decisions. We maintain a strict policy of factual reporting and editorial independence.

Policy on Sponsored Content

CryptoKompas does not author sponsored content. We allow companies to submit their sponsored content, which is clearly marked as “Sponsored” or “Press Release”. You can submit sponsored content here.

Content attributed to “CryptoKompas Staff” or bearing an author’s name is not sponsored or paid content.

Affiliate Marketing

CryptoKompas participates in selected affiliate marketing programs. These programs may offer us commissions on purchases or signups made through links on our website.

Image Sources

Unless otherwise noted, all images are AI-generated.

Press Release Submissions

To submit a press release, please use this link. By submitting, you affirm that the content is free from false, misleading, or deceptive claims.

Updates to Our Editorial Policy

Our Editorial Policy is subject to change. Please revisit this section periodically to stay informed of any updates. Changes are effective immediately upon posting.

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